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Orange Solidarité Madagascar opens 18 Internet access centers

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On January 23, just one year after the launch of the “Internet Access Centers” project, the official opening of the Orange high-speed Internet access centers took place, in the presence of Orange Foundation Senior Executive Vice-President Christine Albanel and Orange Foundation General Secretary Mireille Le Van, for whom the event provided an opportunity to appreciate this flagship digital solidarity program which they previously backed in Grande Île.

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Computer hardware, free broadband connections and multimedia advisors

“A few years ago, we decided to also work on fighting the digital divide. We had realized there was a huge gap between people who mastered new technology and those who had no access to it. Therein lies the crucial goal of the Orange Digital Solidarity program,” explained Christine Albanel before an assembled audience.

“Today we are opening a new Internet access center, the 18th since 2012, and four morecenters will follow in 2013 – making for one center in each of Madagascar’s 22 regions. Most of these centers have been set up in the island’s Maisons des Jeunes, or youth centers”.

madagascarAs a socially responsible citizen company, Orange Madagascar decided to connect the Internet access centers’ 115 computers free of charge to Orange broadband Internet. Michel Barré, Managing Director of Orange Madagascar explains, “at Orange, we think one of our most important missions is to bring the advantages of information and communication technologies to as many people as possible on a daily basis. As a socially responsible citizen company, Orange Madagascar asserts its desire to play a part in Madagascar’s development by caring about its economic and social situation”.

The Orange Foundation and the Orange Solidarité Madagascar Association have equipped the Internet access centers with 84 computers, telecommunications devices and office furnishings. They also covered training and wages for the multimedia advisors in the centers.

“This project to create Internet access centers was designed to counter the educational and cultural isolationfacing young people living in remote, secluded areas, by introducing them to new technologies and teaching them the basics and bringing them up to speed with the online world. It perfectly embodies the ambitions and commitments of Orange Solidarit” Madagascar,” says Josie Randriambeloma, Director of Public Relations and Philanthropy and President of Orange Solidarité Madagascar. The project was the brainchild of Mialy Rajoelina, First Lady of Madagascar and President of the Fitia Association.


Orange Solidarity Madagascar’s philanthropy

As a socially responsible citizen company, Orange Madagascar has been deeply involved in Madagascar’s development through philanthropy  efforts since 2006.

Orange Madagascar’s sponsorship policy is rooted in its mission to give everyone the opportunity to communicate better and revolves around three key themes:education,healthcare,culture, taking into account the country’s economic and social conditions.

Bolstered by the initiatives and achievements implemented and sustained through its patronage efforts in the country’s 22 regions, and in an effort to further consolidate its image as a socially responsible citizen company, on 24 February 2011 Orange Madagascar established its humanitarian association, Orange Solidarité Madagascar.

The association’s goals are in keeping with the Orange Foundation’s priorities and Orange Madagascar draws upon them in its patronage efforts:

  • Fighting the digital divide,
  • Brining technology to the population to help counter educational and cultural isolation,
  • Supporting projects that promote development, mainly in education, healthcare and culture and improve socio-economic integration.

To find out more about the projects Orange Solidarity Madagascar supports Read Masolavitra ‘s publication, available only in French and in Malagasy.

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